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Here’s everything you need to know about us:

We’re the ones who keep you safe from the viruses, germs & harmful pathogens you can’t see.

To be more specific, we protect you from germs, viruses and bacteria. You know, the works. Everyone knows about standard sanitary practices – wash your hands, clean things when they’re dirty…

The tricky part is when you don’t know something needs cleaning.  

Think of it this way: When was the last time you cleaned your phone screen with rubbing alcohol? It's a known fact that your phone screen is filthy because you interact with it so much. In the same way, think of all the other things you come into contact with throughout your day.  

It’s impractical to sit down and clean all these items – you'd be there for hours.  

That's where UV-C sterilization comes in. We make products that can clean your belongings, not by wiping them down or soaking them in a solution. 

Cleaning with a Steinman is as easy as popping an item into a container and taking it out as good as new.

  • Stringent testing, with outstanding success.

    We’ve tested our machines against bacteria, fungi and other harmful pathogens while maintaining a 99.99% effectivity killing rate. You can be assured it can handle cleaning your phone and keys and… whatever else you need.  

  • Polished perfection, inside and out.

    We ensure our products pass muster from the first sketch to each step in the manufacturing process to provide only the very best in disinfection and sterilisation. It wouldn’t be a Steinman if it were anything less.

  • Chic, modern design.

    You’re probably used to chunky, plastic sanitisation devices which look like an eyesore. Our sleek machines feature contemporary designs which make them seem like the centrepiece of your home. With features like LCD panels, integrated safe-lock protection and touch screen buttons, we’re in a league of our own. All this is enclosed in premium stainless steel and aluminium, making this a  definite conversation starter. 

  • A product for every need.

    Need a UV steriliser for your office? Or do you need one for home use? There’s a Steinman with your name on it.

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Our Mission

Protecting you from the invisible, as well as pathogens, viruses, bacteria, fungi, et cetera. Since 2019.

Our Vision

Simplifying cleaning through revolutionary products that are designed to be easy to use in any setting.

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